The Whisper of the Coals

The Whisper of the Coals can never be trusted.


It's a shapeshifting demon with the power to grant wishes and take lives, setting up residence on the deceptively-named Mountain of Reflection. Ask for the five things you desire most, and they will be granted to you, but only if the Whisper will accept your offerings. And if you choose your words very, very carefully, lest the Whisper sense a loophole or a weakness, parting you from your life and preserving you as a statue in its garden.


The hunter called Rafal knows all this, yet he journeys to commune with the Whisper anyway. What does he want most? What is he willing to sacrifice to get it? Will he choose his words wisely, or will the Whisper outsmart him in a game it's played for centuries? What has compelled Rafal, a calm, logical man with his head firmly on his shoulders, to risk it all bartering with a demon?

~11,000 words