• Vocal qualities: husky, relaxing, commanding, intelligent, soft-spoken

  • Vocal range: medium-low

  • Known accents: Standard American, southern American (Georgian/Texan), New England, RP English, Scottish, Russian, French, German

  • Noted Liam Neeson soundalike in lower ranges


  • 1-on-1 animation and audiobook voice over classes with Edge Studio 2014-2015

  • Edge Studio classes in home studio design, marketing, business, and professional demeanor

  • Mentors include Jay Snyder (animation), Johnny Heller, Carol Monda, Arthur Insana, and Joe Loesch (all audiobook)

  • ATTRIBUTABLE SKILLS: 10+ years martial arts (Shoto-Jitsu); knowledge of projection, posture, and breath control

  • Audiobook demo
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  • Video game/animation demo
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