Modern Magical Romance, Book 1: Fleeting Joy

One elf. One destiny. One chance to get the girl and change the world.

That's maybe how young, idealistic elven writer Silva Amarus would describe the plot of this book. The truth is slightly more mundane, albeit no less profound for the elf.

Assuming the most harrowing decisions will at least be worth writing about later, Silva travels the fantasy land of Alatelleros on the back of a giant but stupid bird he calls Sparrow, experiencing life and politely trying to extricate himself from trouble. After an unfortunate visit to the city of Fey Grove leaves him unable to write, he does the only sensible thing and goes to a tavern to drink his sorrows away, by chance meeting a human woman down on her luck - Joy. What unfolds is a (mis)adventure to reclaim Silva's lost property, budding sparks of romance between the two, though whether it is meant to be or destined to fade remains to be seen.

Modern Magical Romance is a contemporary take on high fantasy - Fey Grove is an ancient elven city built into trees and connected by car-filled highways, humans and orcs continue their long-held rivalry on social media, and dwarves run long-lived businesses thanks to their extended lifespans. Wherever Silva goes in this magical modern land, he's certain to encounter something worth writing about.

Coming 2019