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Guilt Eater, Book 1: The Windows

How depraved would you be willing to become to save the ones you love?

The denizens from three vastly different dimensions - medieval, modern and futuristic - are spirited away to the alleged "center of the universe," the Crux, and forced to participate in what looks to be a cultural experiment gone horribly awry. Fed precious bits of info to spur them toward what they hope is the way home, they must understand and overcome their cultural differences to survive the daunting terrain and the occasional killer alien monster.

Yet none of them can shake the sense of paranoia that whether they stand apart or together, they're never safe. Asked such questions as "Would you be willing to kill a stranger to save another stranger?" and "How would you ideally like to die?" in a pre-experiment survey, they're not sure who to trust, only that they must commit to something, no matter how morally gray, to survive. Even one with the most firmly held ethics will find their lines in the sand re-drawn as their shadowy captor gradually picks them apart and exposes what they truly believe. They cling to the promise that they can speak to their loved ones again, even if just one last time, by reaching the "Windows" stationed around the Crux, using what fading goodwill is left in the land to keep themselves whole.

Guilt Eater: The Windows is a multiple-perspective sci-fi novel that examines how easily flexible one's own morals can be when pushed to the limit. In this new world, perspective is everything, and no one can survive without a little blood on their hands.

Kill a little, kill a lot, or be killed. They must choose.