Altruistic Villainy

Lim and Hatch, professional evil minions, are endlessly loyal to Lord Darkomen. When the evil overlord is finally defeated and banished to an alternate universe by the gallant Arlahad, however, they find themselves out of work and pining for the old days. Trusting Darkomen will be back one day, they set out to give him the best "welcome home" gift ever: a kingdom already conquered for him. To do that, though, they'll need the jewel in Princess Magnolia's crown, and the ironic wrench in the works: she's already been kidnapped by another, more powerful villain.


To conquer the land, they'll first have to save it, and so they embark on an epic journey where they encounter a knight who speaks only in spoonerisms; a stoic warrior who only speaks in martial arts euphemisms; a Labyrinth of Truth and Lies; a stone head that claims to know everything; and far more unusual shenanigans testing their limits (and their patience).


They're no heroes, and they're not even villains. The odds are stacked against them, but they forgot how to quit.

Release TBD