What is Addicted to Voice Acting?

Addicted to Voice Acting is a blog centered around voice over education, founded in 2016 by yours truly. It was originally a platform for me to speak about my VO experiences, but its focus later evolved into deconstructing the ins and outs of voice acting. Fellow voice actor, great friend, and all around awesome guy Kenny Faircloth came on board as a co-runner in 2018.

Our motto: "We ask the stupid questions so no one else has to." Voice over is an industry that very few people from the outside, or even those trying to break in, know much about, and finding the best way to grow and succeed in this day and age often feels like throwing blunt darts at a board and hoping one sticks. AVA exists to demystify every issue haunting new voice actors, from business practices to networking to how various parts of the industry function.

To this end, AVA regularly interviews voice over professionals for their insight on the industry, publishes articles on the state of things, and holds polls and surveys. The responses I've seen to the content we've put out tell me people don't simply think our interviews and articles are nice and kind of helpful; they've shed light onto darkness in ways that few other media are attempting or achieving, and at the risk of sounding arrogant, that tells me we're onto something here.

So whether you're on the outside looking in, a VO veteran, or just breaking into this circus, do come on over to Addicted to Voice Acting and join the cause of demystifying voice over's riddles!