Shadow Rule cover image.jpg

Shadow Rule
Shattered Kingdom Book 3

Angelina J. Steffort

SEALs of Honor - Hudson cover image.jpg

SEALs of Honor Book 27
Dale Mayer

Three Bodies by the River cover image.jpg

Three Bodies by the River
John Kralik

Bullard's Battle - Bullard's Best cover image.jpg

Bullard's Best
Bullard's Battle Book 9

Dale Mayer

The Jade Dragon cover image.jpg

The Jade Dragon
Death in Shanghai Book 1
Garrett Hutson

The K-9 Files - Tucker cover image WEBP.webp

The K-9 Files Book 13

Dale Mayer

Wicked Crown cover image.jpg

Wicked Crown
Shattered Kingdom Book 2

Angelina J. Steffort

Shaula cover image.jpg

A.M. Kherbash

Jumping on the Drips cover image.jpg

Jumping on the Drips
Eda Kara

Shattered Kingdom cover image.jpg

Shattered Kingdom
book 1

Angelina J. Steffort

Chasing Daylight cover image.jpg

Chasing Daylight
Jeremy M. Wright

Quantum cover image.jpg

Quantum: The Trilogy Begins
Dean de Servienti

The Critical Incidents 1-3 cover image.j

The Critical Incident Series
Episodes 1-3

Douglas Dorow

Dragons' Choice cover image.jpg

Dragons' Choice
Sorcha's Children Book One

Debbie Mumford

Where Eagles Fly cover image.jpg

Where Eagles Fly
Sir Charles Davis

A Campfire Nightmare cover image.jpg

A Campfire Nightmare
Jeffrey Stagg

Knight Blindness cover image.jpg

Knight Blindness
Knights in Time, Book 3

Chris Karlsen

Lest We Forget cover image.jpg

Lest We Forget
Otis Teague

Eldenworld - The Eye of Zuebrihn cover image.jpg

The Eye of Zuebrihn
Patrick McClafferty